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Soil Uptake of Nutrients pdf thumbnail

Soil Uptake of Nutrients

Find a detailed chart outlining soil uptake of nutrients in relation to acidity or alkalinity. Also included are suggested materials to correct alkali and acidity, along with their sources and suggested measurements.

How Soil Holds and Supplies Nutrients pdf thumbnail

How Soil Holds and Supplies Nutrients to Plants

Nutrient ions and soil work similar to magnets - positives repel and negatives attract. Learn how negatively charged clay and organic matter interact with positively charged nutrient ions such as hydrogen, calcium, magnesium and potassium to provide nutrients to plants.

Nitrification vs Denitrification pdf thumbnail

Nitrification vs. Denitrification

Nitrification is how plants convert nitrogen to a usable form. Some steps occur without oxygen, but very wet areas often lead to nitrogen deficiency as nitrogen particles move with water and can leach.

Denitrification is caused by soil organisms that live without air in wet soil and get their oxygen by taking it from nitrate. They use up the free oxygen supply, leading to plant-usable nitrogen escaping as gas into the atmosphere.

How to Read a Ferlitilzer Label pdf thumbnail

How To Read a Fertilizer Label

Find detailed instructions on how to read a fertilizer label for ideal application and optimal results. Typical fertilizer label Information includes fertilizer analysis or grade, guaranteed analysis, nitrogen sources, fertilizer ratio, available phosphoric acid and soluble potash, and other plant food elements and their source.

Planting Specification Recommendations pdf thumbnail

Planting Specification Recommendations

We always recommended completing a soil analysis prior to making recommendations for soil amendments. See suggested fertilizer incorporation rates for turf and ground covers, trees and shrubs and hydroseeding in normal, healthy soil conditions.

How to Measure An Area pdf thumbnail

How to Measure an Area

Turfgrass areas that require treatment are generally much smaller than those treated in agriculture. So measurements, calculations, and directions must be followed as closely as possible when applying fertilizer to avoid overuse of the nutrients. Here we explain how to calculate area measurements and determine fertilizer applications for different size plots when directions are given only for large acreages.

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